As a user of Twitter & the taxi forum, & a reader of some of the trade press, I spot a lot of lingo that is only used by us cabbies. I see new drivers who show up and not know what is meant by many of the abbreviations/lingo/slang, call it what you will, so I thought it a good idea to put them all in one place.


Christmas and New Year surcharge poster 


AB - Albert Bridge  

Ant - Anthologist Bar 

Arsehole of the World - Deptford SE8 

BAB - Battersea Bridge 

The Batcave - Westfield Shopping Centre (T6)/Lower Robert Street WC2/Area under Charing Cross Station (there seems to be a debate as to what EXACTLY it refers to)

BDC - Business Design Centre 

BFU - Blackfriars Underpass

BF - Blackfriars Station 

BH - Banqueting House Whitehall 

Blackfriars Underpants/BFUP - Blackfriars Underpass

Blakeys - Shakepeare Pub Buckingham Palace Road 

BLB - Blackfriars Bridge  

BM - British Museum 

The Bone - Marylebone Station

Bootlids - John Lewis Back Door 

BP - Battersea Park

BPS - Battersea Power Station 

Bullring - The crescent at the entrance to back of Royal Hospital Chelsea Embankment

BWT - Blackwall Tunnel 

CFS - Chelsea Flower Show 

CH - Chelsea Harbour 

CJ - Clapham Junction 

CK's - Chelsea Kitchen (Fulham Rd)

CKB - Chiswick Bridge

CLB - Chelsea Bridge

CT - ChinaTown 

CTZ rank (also Tez rank)- Selfridges rank 

CX - Charing Cross Station

DF - Dartford Flyover 

DH - Dorchester Hotel 

Dilly - Piccadilly

DOYS - Duke Of York Square 

DSWB - Dover Street Wine Bar 

DT - Dartford Tunnel 

Dungeon, The - The Public Carriage Office

Dogs, The - Wimbledon Dog track

Euro/St P - Eurostar/St Pancras Station

EU - Euston Underpass 

F&M - Fortnum & Mason 

Fen, The - Fenchurch Street station

Flyers - Airport

FNM - Fortnum & Mason 

Fridges - Selfridges 

FYEO - For Your Eyes Only 

The Gas Chamber - Euston Taxi Rank 

The Gas Works - Houses Of Parliament

GB Valley - Green Badge Valley (Essex A12) lots of GB drivers live out there 

GHH - Grosvenor House Hotel

GIR - Grays Inn Road 

Gist - Anthologist Bar Gresham Street   

Grange SP - Grange St Paul's Hotel

GSP - Grange St Paul's 

GSS - Great Suffolk Street cafe/shop

HAC - Honourable Artillery Company

HB - Hammersmith Bridge 

HC - Hurlingham Club

Hole In The Wall - Wilton Road entrance to Victoria Station

HPC - Hyde Park Corner

Hilton PL - Hilton Park Lane 

HPL - Hilton Park Lane 

The Iron Lung - Toilet on Horseferry Road SW1?

IWM - Imperial War Museum 

JL - John Lewis

JL BD - John Lewis Back Door 

KB - Kew Bridge 

KG - Kew Gardens 

KWAK - Kojak With A Kodak 

KX/The Cross/The X - Kings Cross Station

K's - Kennedy's Fish & Chips (Goswell Rd)

LAB - Lambeth Bridge 

LB - London Bridge (used for both the station and bridge) 

LCA - London City Airport

LDC - Camley St Cafe

LHL - Limehouse Link 

LHR - London Heathrow Airport

LTS - Lower Thames Street 

The Loo - Waterloo Station

Magic Roundabout - bottom of M41

Masterpiece (arts fair) - Royal Hospital Chelsea Embankment. 

MBON - May be old news

Mcliver - Liverpool Street taxi rank (by McDonalds)

MF - Marylebone Flyover 

ML - More London 

MM - Meat Market 

MOS - Ministry Of Sound 

MP - Masterpiece   

NKS - Nine Kings Suite (Lancaster hotel) 

NCD - North Carriage Drive 

NHM - Natural History Museum 

NWR - North Wharf Road 

OB - Old Billingsgate 

OKR - Old Kent Road

Qs - Quaglinos Restaurant

QVS - Queen Victoria Street

Padders - Paddington Station

PB - Putney Bridge 

P G Tips - Palace Gardens Terrace

The Pipe - The Blackwall Tunnel

PPH (Pissy Pike Hill) - Paddington Station

PS - Parliament Square 

PU - Piccadilly Underpass  

QMG - Queen Mother Gate, Hyde Park 

RAFT - Rail Air & Freight Terminal (Gatwick Express)

Rods - Harrods 

Rods BD - Harrods Back Door

Roundhouse - Camden Roundhouse

RAH - Royal Albert Hall

RH - Royal Hospital 

RHT - Rotherhithe Tunnel 

RL - Revolution Leadenhall Street 

Royal Lobster - Kings Cross Station

ROH - Royal Opera House 

RT - Rotherhithe Tunnel 

SB - Southwark Bridge 

SBG - Shepherds Bush Green 

Scabacus - Abacus night club/bar

SCD - South Carriage Drive 

SCH - Sea Containers House, new Mondrian Hotel  

SF - Shard Feeder 

SFS - Selfridges 

SOS - Smiths Of Smithfield 

Sports Direct - Euston Rank 

SS - Swallow Street (rank) 

Stage Door - Main Entrance to Waterloo Station

Steps - Large steps entrance to north entrance at Waterloo

Sweetings - 24 hour cafe on Queen Victoria Street

TB - Tower Bridge 

The Bays - Bayswater

TD - Tobacco Dock 

The Vic - Victoria Station

T6 - Westfield Shopping Centre 

Tez Rank (also CTZ rank) - Selfridges Duke St rank

TFP - The Feeder Park (Heathrow)

TT - Tiger Tiger

The Tennis - Wimbledon annual tennis tournament

TOL - Tower Of London 

Tom's - Burger Van on Clapham Common

Twickers - Twickenham Stadium

UTS - Upper Thames Street 

Up The Stairs Euston - Queue of people all the way onto the stairs at Euston rank 

VB - Vauxhall Bridge

VOW - Vauxhall One Way

VCS - Victoria Coach Station

WH - Winfield House 

WLB - Waterloo Bridge 

WCD - West Carriage Drive  

WCR - West Cross Route 

The Wedding Cake, QVM - Queen Victoria Memorial

Wharf/The Island - Canary Wharf

WMB - Westminster Bridge 

WPP - Westminster Park Plaza 

WW - Winter Wonderland (Hyde Park) when it's on 

WWB - Wandsworth Bridge  

Zombie Triangle - Great Eastern St/Old St/Shoreditch High St 


Other Abbreviations

1/3, 2/6, 3/9 etc - what number cab you are on a rank of waiting cabs

Arnie (To do an Arnie) - as in "I'll be back", I'm coming back to work, not going home.

A Churchill - A meal. Churchill gave cabbies the right to refuse a fare while eating

Coldplay-ed - All Yellow (full of cabs with light on)

Apples & Pears - Stairs 

Arthur Deck - half a deck (at Paddington) 

ATM - At The Moment 

B&B - Badge & Bill check (by PCO, TFL, Police)

Babylon - The police 

Bag of Sand - a grand - £1000 (although very unlikely you'll ever get this)

BD - Both Directions 

Berty Popped - Albert Hall burst 

Bill - Taxi license

BTF - Back to front (from the back of the queue to the front time) 

Bilker - someone who doesn't pay

Bill & Ben - "10"

Billys/Billies - Billy Bunter -Punter

BL - Boot Lids - boot lids open when overranking to avoid CCTV seeing reg 

Blue Book - Books containing runs knowledge students have to learn

Blue Lights - Police dealing with accident/crime

Blue Trees - Policeman with speed camera hiding behind a tree

Both Barrels (at Euston) - the 2 ramps down to Euston's pick up area 

Bottle - 2

Broom - passing a job you don't want to the driver behind you on a rank

Bullseye - 50

Burst/On The Burst - people emerging from a venue at the end

Butterboy - Cabbie who hasn't been in the business long

Butterfly - A Cabbie who only work in the summer.

Cabbed Out - A place is full with cabs

Cablore - Cab etiquette 

CabUp - Cabbie Updates

Cake - Work (from "to be caked" loaded) 

Carpet - 3

Ching - 5

CBJ - Clipboard Johnny

CO - Carriage Officers 

Cock & Hen - Man and Woman passenger or "10"

Code Red - Heathrow needs taxis badly & you are to bypass the feeder park

Cooking/Roasting - A driver referring to a very long time spent on a rank 

Copperbottom - A Cabbie who drives for an excessive number of hours

Craig (doing a Craig) - treacherous, greedy cabbie (1st cabbie seen on Uber) 

Cricket Seats - Tip up seats

DAC - Dial A Cab

Den of Thieves/Fagin's Kitchen - Stock Exchange

Doing Bird - Time (Bird Lime = time) - a long wait 

DP - Door Person (hotel) 

Dried Up - No work

Droshky - A Taxi

EB or E/B - Eastbound

FO - Flyover 

FP - Fixed Price

Free MOT - Old Bill/PCO/Tfl doing roadside vehicle checks 

Fubar - F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition

Full House - Maximum number of passengers on board

FYI - For Your Information 

Gavroched - When the traffic in Upper Brook Street is so bad it is possible to get out of cab, read menu in the porch of La Gavroche restaurant, and get back into cab.

GBx - Golden Bollox (Jammy Git)

Geoff Hurst - Burst 

Grow Bag Aerial - Aerial used on a minicab

Guvner - Bloke what owns the cab you rent

Hands Up - People needing cabs

Hanging Up - Cabbies sitting with light off and picking work they want

Hairdyer/Oil/Oil Slick - Copper with speed radar gun

Hickory - Taxi Meter 

Hillmans (Hillman Hunters)- Punters

HT - Heavy Traffic 

im 'n' er - Man & Woman

Jacks - 5

Jekyll (Jekyll & Hyde) - Snide (fake) 

Jenson - Button 

JO - Junction Of 

Kojac with a Kodak - Copper with a radar gun

KOL - Knowledge Of London

Legalled/Legal - Being paid exact fare (no tip)

LFC - Looking For Cabs 

Long'un, a oner - £100 (job)

Louis Vuitton, Loius V, L.V. - Good job on board

Low Loader - Old Cab

Mash Up - Traffic is atrocious

MBON - May Be Old News 

Meat On The Bone - Work at Marylebone 

Meltoned - queue of cabs at Euston all the way to Melton St 

Mexican Wave - lots of punters with their hands up in one place

Monkey - 500

MRA - Mini Roundabout

MT - Empty 

Musher - Owner Driver

Neves - 7

NB or N/B - Northbound

OFL - One For Later - referring to places that will have work later on in the day

OMO - On My Own  

On & Off - arriving at a rank/place & then straight off with a punter

ONO - On 'n' Off 

On me Jack (Jones) - I'm the only one here

On Point - first taxi on a rank

Oodles - lots 

OP - On Point 

OTW - On The Way 

Pax - passenger

Peeps/ppl - People or punters

Penguins - Men in black ties/black tie event 

Pete's On The Finz - Tea hut at Finsbury Square run by Peter

Plate - Expensive plastic on back of taxi

POB - Passenger On Board

PONR - Point Of No Return (i.e. St Pancras pick up)

Pony - Crap/Rubbish (used for work or traffic levels) 

Pony - £25

Port - Airport

ppl - people 

Putting on Foul - Over the space provided by rank

Q - Queue (or people or taxis)

Roader - Long Distance Job

Roader (said sarcastically) - A VERY short job

RTG - Radio Taxis Group

Ruof, rhymes with loaf...4....Four spelt backwards, back-slang

Runner - Punter who doesn't pay the fare

Running well - A rank that has cabs, but is moving fast with fares

RWs - Roadworks 

SALT - Single Alternate Lane Traffic

Scab - Illegal minicab

Score - 20

Sherbert/Sherb - A Taxi Cab

SB or S/B - Southbound

Set - An accident

Showing Out - punter with hand out looking for cab

Single Pin - Single passenger

SNAFU - Situation Normal All Fouled Up

Soz - Sorry 

Spare - Part timer who only shows up when it's busy

Stalking - Working with meter off

Suit - City Gent (from back when they wore bowler hats)

Tachbrooked - Victoria rank all the way back down to Tachbrook 

Toes Up/Foot up - a warning to slow down, there's a speed radar trap

Tradesavers - cabbies who stay out late to stop work going in scabs 

TLC - Tweetalondoncab

Turkish - laugh (you're avin' a laugh - Turkish bath) 

VHT/VVVVVVHT - Very Heavy Traffic

WB or W/B - Westbound

Wrong-un - A punter you have on board you know will be trouble/not pay

The Yard - Name for the old Public Carriage Office location

Zeiger - Meter