Anything that helps us cabbies pass a shift that little bit easier, you'll find it here.

24h tea/coffee & food (most of these are 24/7 but may have a closure around a holiday)

-Sunset II Charterhouse St, just past St John St 

-Tom's tea stall Windmill Drive Clapham Common 

-Blackheath Tea Hut, top of Goffers Rd

-Tea hut Waterloo Rd 

-Great Suffolk Street hut at the back of the fuel garage 


Late night places to get a drink

-Duck and Waffle at Heron Tower 110 Bishopsgate, 24/7 dining and cocktails on the 40th floor

-Vingt-Quatre in fulham road serves food & drink all night

-The Mosquito Bar 5 Clapham High Street, 6am Fri/Sat, 5am Sun-Thu

-Da Vinci's Baylis Rd Waterloo 

-Palm Beach Casino 


24 Hour Car Washes (that will clean vomit away) 

-The American Car Wash Company (cleans vomit from £10)

-Chamber Street (£25)


Tricks to getting change

-Hotel doormen

-Supermarket Self Service machines, but small items, pay with notes 


Useful products 

-Sticky Stuff - Removes chewing gum from carpets (also been informed any cheap air freshener will work. Sprat at close range, leave for few minutes, scrape off)

-Triplewax Waterless car wash 


Giving job estimates

-Use Google Maps. 4x mileage on rate 3, 3.5x mileage on rate 2, 3x mileage on rate 1 


24 Hour toilets

-Iron Lung Horsferry, Regency

Garages With Toilets (C+ means does coffee too)

Texaco - Bow Rd C+, The Highway C+

BP - Hammersmith C+, Wandsworth C+ 

Shell Shooters Hill C+

BP Wellington Rd. Toilet is outside. 


Shops selling alcohol 24h

-Nisa Ladbroke Grove, corner Lancaster

-Convenience store Harrington Rd, junction Queensgate

-Conveniance store Wandsworth Rd, near Union Grove

-Convenience store Caledonian Rd, just south of Copenhagen  

-Convenience Store Commercial Rd, southside near Umberston

-Convenience Store Swiss Cottage on Triangle, on R, Nth Finchley Rd 

-Off Licence Queen Victoria Street, next to Sweetings 

-Convenience Store Brompton Road/Yeoman's Row


Tyre Pressure for TX1/2/4

Manual shows 35psi for front, but majority opinion is below

-40psi front, 40psi rear 


Intercom Feedback

-Partially cover mics with blu-tac. Experiment with different amounts and position for best effect. You can buy white tac which means it blends in better 

Taxi Receipts out of hours

-Chelsea Bridge tea hut, 3 pads for a £1