This page contains details of Gentleman's Clubs, and what their bonuses are for bringing customers.

Procedure for getting paid

It can vary a little from venue to venue, but overall it's getting acknowledgement from the door staff that you have just dropped customers there. Sometimes there is a clear acknowledgement from door staff that you just dropped, and sometimes you have to approach them and mention the person/person(s) you just dropped. The customers will have to pay the door fee to get in, otherwise you then don't get paid. Sometimes something can happen such as the customers thinking it's too expensive so walk off, or door staff deciding the potential customer has had enough alcohol already therefore it's too risky letting them in.  

Be aware that these prices may not be 100% up to date as that relies on either the venues informing me, other drivers informing me, or me getting the current amount in person when I drop.

There are many stories of drivers not being paid because door staff have said things like "they're on a list" or "they've been here before" among other reasons, and it's not clear whether this is a true policy, or whether the venue has tried to get out of paying a driver. There are venues that have no such policy and therefore they will be first on driver's minds when a customer asks for a gentleman's club.

Last of all, I haven't listed a bonus difference for men and women, as this can vary. Some it can be the same amount, some a reduced amount, and some you get nothing. Basically the venue will tell you when you get paid. 



Bonus £20 per head  

Wardour Street

020 7758 0670

Opening Times - Mon - Sat 9pm-4.30pm 


Gaslight of St. James's

Bonus £30 per head

Duke Of York Street

0207 930 3095

Opening times - Mon-Sat 20:00-03:30 



Bonus £10 per head upto 4. You get £75 for a full cab of 5 people. 

556 Commercial Road, London E14 7JD 

Opening Hours - Monday to Friday 8pm till 5am 



 No4 Mayfair

Bonus £35 per head

Mill Street W1 

0207 629 2042

Opening times -  Mon-Sat 22:00-05:30




Bonus per head £20

Parker Street 

0207 405 5652

Opening times  


 Platinum Lace 

Bonus per head £10

Coventry Street 

Monday - Saturday 7pm til 6am. Last entry is at 4am

Sunday 6pm til 3am. Last entry is at 2:30am

Bank Holidays we Open from 6pm til 6am



Red Rooms

Bonus £20 per head

Great Queen Street 

0207 831 0802

Opening Times - 22:00 until late 




-Secrets Covent Garden020 7831 4418

Bonus £50 per head first 2, £30 for any more 

51 Parker Street

Opening times - Mon-Sat 19:00 to 03:00 


-Secrets Euston 020 7388 6487

Bonus £40 per head 

34/38 Eversholt Street

Opening time - Mon-Sun 20:00-06:00 


-Secrets Hammersmith

Bonus £20 per head 

020 8563 7974

62 Glenthorne Road

Opening times - Mon-Sat 20:00-04:00 

-Secrets Holborn

Bonus - £20 per head 

020 7242 6266 

3 Grays Inn Road

Opening times - Mon-Sat 19:30-03:30 




28 Marylebone Lane

Bonus £20 per head, though doorman takes £1 per customer, so have coins/note ready 

Opening Hours






5 Brewer Street Soho 

Bonus £40 per head 


Spearmint Rhino

Bonus £20 per head

Tottenham Court Road

Opening Hours

7pm-2am 7 days a week



Bonus £10 per head 

32-34 Leman Street 

0207 488 4000 

Opening times - Tue-Fri 16:00-04:00