If you are taking your taxi to get its annual inspection, this list is a reminder of everything you need to bring.

- Vehicle registration certificate, logbook or new keeper's supplement (complete with bill of sale/receipt) where vehicle is newly purchased prior to inspection

- Current vehicle licence (for renewal inspections)

- From October 1st 2014, vehicles no longer require a tax disc to be displayed. Vehicles can be taxed online or at a post office. If a vehicle is not recorded as taxed, NSL will accept an online application/post office receipt

- Insurance certificate (not a copy) properly affixed in the luggage compartment

- Valid MOT certificate (issued 13 days or fewer before inspection) - If vehicle is less than one year old an MOT is not required

- Taximeter installation and calibration certificate issued within 30 days of inspection

- Exemption certificate (where applicable)

- Modification approval (where applicable)

- Tool to release ramps

- Tyres must conform to manufacturer's specification (below)



Mercedes Vito Euro 4/5                                       195/65 R 100/915T or 104/102T

Fairway (declared max speed of 130 km/h)       175 R 16 N

TX1 (declared speed of 130 km/h)                      175 R 16 N

TXII/4 (declared speed of 147 km/h)                  175 R 16 Q