Here are the answers to the Movie Quiz

Quiz 1

1-Blade Runner

2-Dirty Dancing

3-The Full Monty

4-Malcolm X

5-Leonardo DiCaprio

6-Back To The Future


8-Die Hard


10-Jeff Goldblum

11-Jewel Of The Nile

12-Total Recall


14-Vince Vaughn


16-Gone In 60 Seconds

17-Iron Man

18-Salma Hayek

19-Fight Club

20-Kill Bill 2

21-Jon Bon Jovi

22-Oceans Eleven

23-Waynes World

24-Tim Curry

25-The Witches Of Eastwick

26-Robin Hood Prince Of Theives

27-Con Air

28-Coming To America


Quiz 2

1-Annette Benning

2-American Pie

3-The Bourne Identity

4-Thelma and Louis

5-Romancing The Stone

6-Kevin Kline

7-Ace Ventura Pet Detective

8-Catch Me If You Can

9-Priscilla Queen Of The Desert

10-Blazing Saddles

11-Billy Bob Thornton



14-Eric Roberts

15-Forrest Gump

16-The Matrix

17-Phoebe Cates

18-Jackie Brown

19-The Fly


21-Geoffrey Rush

22-Childs Play

23-Ferris Buellers Day Off

24-Silence Of The Lambs

25-Stellan Skarsgard

26-American Werewolf In London



Quiz 3

1-Ace Ventura Pet Detective

2-Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure

3-Blazing Saddles

4-Demi Moore

5-The Day After Tomorrow

6-Notting Hill

7-Men In Black


9-Ewan McGregor

10-Iron Man

11-The Abyss

12-Forrest Gump

13-Love Actually

14-Robin Williams


16-Catch Me If You Can

17-A Fish Called Wonder

18-About A Boy

19-Kate Blanchet

20-Kill Bill 2

21-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

22-The Witches Of Eastwick

23-Good Will Hunting

24-Under Siege


Quiz 4

1-Steven Spielberg

2-The Karati Kid

3-American Psycho

4-The Goonies

5-Layer Cake


7-Brian Cox

8-Gone In 60 Seconds

9-An Officer & A Gentleman

10-Planes, Trains & Automobiles

11-Romancing The Stone

12-The Untouchables

13-James Spader

14-Erin Brokavich

15-Meet The Parents

16-The Bodyguard

17-American Beauty

18-Greta Scatchi

19-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

20-Sexy Beast

21-American Werewolf In London


23-Vinny Jones

24-Bridges Over Madison County

25-Con Air

26-The Dark Knight

27-Gone In 60 Seconds


Quiz 5

1-The Body Guard


3-Crocodile Dundee

4-Blues Brothers

5-Jake Gyllenhaal

6-Iron Man

7-Moulin Rouge

8-Starship Troopers

9-Ace Ventura Pet Detective

10-Daryl Hannah

11-Forrest Gump


13-Planes, Trains & Automobiles

14-Four Weddings & A Funeral

15-Don Cheadle

16-The Goonies

17-Meet The Fockers

18-Kill Bill

19-True Lies

20-Matthew McConaughey

21-Coming To America

22-Love Actually

23-When Harry Met Sally

24-The Jewel Of The Nile

25-Gary Oldman

26-Total Recall

27-Terminator 2


Quiz 6



3-Back To The Future

4-Meet The Parents

5-Rob Lowe

6-Mission Impossible

7-Dirty Harry

8-The Untouchables

9-Con Air

10-Lawrence Fishburne

11-The Witches Of Eastwick

12-Men In Black

13-Bruce Almighty

14-Nuns On The Run

15-Kathleen Turner

16-Waynes World


18-Ben Kinsgley

19-Batman Begins

20-Ferris Buellers Day Off


22-The Bourne Identity

23-Alec Baldwin

24-Bridges Over Madison County

25-Rush Hour

26-Judge Reinhold


Quiz 7

1-Bridget Joness Diary

2-The Blues Brothers

3-Fifth Element

4-Romancing The Stone

5-Christopher Walken

6-Under Siege

7-Thelma & Louis

8-The Witches Of Eastwick

9-Eric Cantona

10-Enter The Dragon

11-Starship Troopers

12-My Cousin Vinny


14-Helen Mirren

15-Erin Brokavich

16-The Man With Two Brains

17-Charlies Angels

18-The Day After Tomorrow

19-Road Trip

20-Matt Dillon

21-City Of God

22-Father Of the Bride

23-Layer Cake

24-Terminator 2

25-Maggie Gyllenhaal

26-Men In Black

27-Mission Impossible

28-Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels


Quiz 8

1-Sexy Beast

2-Good Will Hunting

3-Pretty Woman

4-John Candy

5-American Psycho


7-The Shawshank Redemption


9-Joaquin Phoenix

10-Total Recall

11-Beverley Hills Cop

12-Bruce Almighty

13-Bencio Del Toro

14-The Usual Suspects

15-Die Hard 2


17-Sarah Jessica Parker

18-Kill Bill

19-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

20-An Officer and A Gentleman

21-The Abyss

22-Christopher Eccleston



25-Million Dollar Baby

26-Police Academy

27-Tom Berenger


Quiz 9

1-The Karati Kid

2-Back To The Future

3-Rush Hour 2

4-Billy Zane

5-Raiders Of The Lost Ark

6-Four Weddings and a Funeral

7-The Wedding Singer

8-Bram Stokers Dracula

9-Tommy Lee Jones

10-Coming To America


12-The Blues Brothers

13-The Jewel Of The Nile

14-Die Hard

15-Rene Russo

16-American Beauty


18-Taxi Driver

19-Forrest Gump

20-Sean Penn

21-Meet The Parents


23-American Werewolf In London

24-Casino Royale

25-Dennis Quaid



28-City If God


Quiz 10

1-The Usual Suspects

2-Matthew Broderick

3-Mission Impossible

4-Road Trip

5-Romancing The Stone

6-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

7-Judy Dench 8-Scarface

9-When Harry Met Sally

10-The Never Ending Story

11-Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

12-My Cousin Vinny

13-Under Siege

14-True Lies

15-The Fifth Element


17-Holly Hunter

18-Bridges Over Madison County

19-Groundhog Day

20-Wall Street

21-The Witches Of Eastwick

22-Nuns On The Run

23-Eddie Murphy